After a somewhat successful campaign from LA3T, the PolaricTracker where born, and with it PolaricServer and PolaricApp. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons (presumably cost and assembly time), the hardware part of the project died, leaving a void in the tracker market. (It was the only 5W one-button, 24H operation tracker WITH Rx and TRUE usb) PolaricTracker where widely adopted by Norwegian search and rescue personnel.

When the main developer of the Polaric SW concept, LA7ECA, moved from LA3T to LA3M terretory, he met up with LA6TRA and LA1FTA at the LA3M group-meetings. As LA3M where gaining momentum in the local Search&Rescue service (and LA7ECA being the national Manager) it was clear as day; the world needed a new and better tracker to replace the obsolete PolaricTracker. Sure, there is that china-thingy AP510/AVRT5. Unfortunately it’s not water-resistant, nor is it open or easy to configure. AND it’s only 1W, that won’t cut it in Norwegian topography. We’re also aware of the vast amount of other trackers out there, but no one fits the bill. The PolaricTracker where built by experienced need, by the people using them!

What we need is a platform that gives us configurability, is opensource/openhardware and won’t make your wallet bleed dry. With that, the idea of a new cheap, (china)modular tracker where on the drawingboard.

The ArcticTracker aims to be a successor to the abandoned PolaricTracker, with modular design, new functionality and a significantly lower pricetag. As a bonus, you shouldn’t need a master in electronic-engineering to assemble one.

Hopefully there will be more posts to come in the following months, you can also follow the project on the ArcticTracker project page.

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