hamLABS is the matter that formed when there where an intellectual intersection of paths between LA6TRA and LA1FTA.

In the long and dark ages before the initial meeting, LA6TRA floated around in the ham-sphere, full of ideas and visions none of his fellow ham’s could truly grasp, probably as a result of the old-fashioned HF fog on their minds. Then one day, LA1FTA came floating by, eager to explore the world of ham, with a background in computer and electronics -engineering and a “do-it-yourself” attitude. Since his mind where slightly out of sync, he had the necessery “out-of-the-box” mindset needed to communicate with LA6TRA. Old ideas where exchanged, new ideas where born and the synergy effects of the brainstorms that followed, inevitably started a nuclear chain reaction, and a new star was born. Welcome to hamLABS!

Since the dawn of hamLABS, LA7ECA have been added to our universe.